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Imposing a fundraising minimum to compete in the tournament can help guarantee that everyone raises money for their cause with gusto. You can even have multiple board tournaments at once, so some people can show off their word mastery with Scrabble while the MBAs in the office duke it out in Monopoly. Gift cards are a fun yet straightforward item to auction off at any charity event. Plus, many local businesses and restaurants are willing to trade gift cards for some extra exposure for their company.
Ask a local art teacher or professor to teach a virtual painting, drawing, collage, or calligraphy class. Sell spots in your virtual art class and send out the livestream link to everyone who signs up. To make a little more money, save your attendees a trip to the craft store and sell bundles of art supplies attendees can use for the class. This is a fun way to pull in some funds for your work and give back to the community.
Dedicate a couple of hours (or a whole day) one day of a week to calling your current and potential donors. Make it into a team activity – this can help make it fun for everyone. Fundraising calls also support all other fundraising strategies, since you can call to follow up an email or even a direct mail. Create a couple of powerful social media posts and share them on the day.
Let’s run down the seven key steps to hosting this colorful fundraising event for your nonprofit or school. Housekeeper-for-an-hour – This is also an event with a high humor potential. Again, charge an entrance fee to the auction, and bidders will go head to head to raise more funds for your cause, and hopefully snag themselves a housekeeper. Firefighter beauty contest – Ok now before you think of strutting down a catwalk in your boxers, this fundraiser falls more to the humorous side of things.
When you draw a name, your supporter will have to perform some sort of embarrassing task, such as participating in a dance-off or singing in front of everyone. Allow participants to “buy back” their tickets once they see what the raffle entails, and soon you’ll have raised a solid chunk of change for your cause. For a reverse raffle, tell everyone attending your organization’s meeting or event that they are being included in a drawing for a prize.
That’s why they made shirts, with a red and blue line that says ‘one family’. People from across the area are pouring out love and support to the Tulsa Police after one officer was shot and killed this week and another officer fights for his life. Check out these great software options to get started pulling in the support you need. TED Talks are influential speeches people give on a variety of subjects. Host Protfitable fire department fundraising ideas Talk Night by asking community members to share their expertise on a certain topic or to tell their life story. For another lecture, you might ask a neuroscientist to speak about the importance of reading for brain health.
Ask students for a small donation in exchange for dressing down. Students will get to showcase their personal style, and you will raise funds. High school fundraising ideas involve older students, thus opening the door to more fun and the potential for raising funds for your school.