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Access control is essential to protect your property, staff and visitors. Moreover, it may just help you avoid a hefty bill from the police due to false alarms. Preventing a false alarm can save you time and money because in some areas, the police service can charge a fee when one of their units responds to a security system alarm event, but the event is determined to be a false alarm.
Our vehicles are well positioned, and connected to our control centers through GTrack for rapid deployment in the event of an emergency. Our team of conscientious security guards will permanently be your ‘eyes and ears’, covertly maintaining a watchful eye, providing an efficient deterrent and always ready to respond to any unwanted interference. For more information on our mobile patrol units, and to discuss your requirements with our business solutions advisors, simply give us a call today. Our professionals work across the US and the UK and will work closely with you to create a bespoke security solution. Every mobile patrol security client has access to management information to assist in reviewing site risk mitigation measures, to have oversight of the effectiveness of the security strategy in place. Our mobile security patrol team will provide you with a full report including photographic evidence of each inspection, so you have a complete overview of your vacant property portfolio.
This attitude can be measured by the exceptional service our clients enjoy. Advances in sensors, security cameras, and robotics, to name a few, are moving at a rapid pace, and improved security equipment has increased its use in protecting facilities, communities, and people. Sensors are increasingly equipped with high-resolution cameras and built-in artificial intelligence , so they are no longer triggered solely by motion. Mobile patrols can be programmed to recognise faces and licence plates, capture the images and sound an alert if warranted. Video surveillance cameras and robots are also embedded with AI software programmed to patrol routes, learn their surroundings, spot threats of unauthorised entry from people or vehicles, and issue alerts.
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Our security guard services are second to none because of our attentiveness, thoroughness, and dedication to the job. If you’re interested in working with a security company with unwavering commitment, please give United Security Service a call today. Hiring a mobile patrol service is a cost effective way to keep your loved ones and your property protected and safe. Hiring a mobile patrol service to keep an eye on your property is also a very economical solution to today’s security issues.